Bon Voyage

On Monday, we celebrated our impending adventure with 100+ fabulous friends and loved ones at our Bon Voyage party. I don’t think we’ve had such a wonderful gathering of amazing people in one place since our wedding 10 years ago. Mother Nature helped out with some beautiful sun breaks in the afternoon and a gorgeous spring bloom of rhodies and other flowers.

We set up a huge laminated world map and asked guests to place post-it notes on it with their names and recommended destinations, which became quite the centerpiece and conversation starter of the party. It was great fun to talk about our friends’ own international adventures, hear recommendations on particularly memorable hikes or restaurants, and discuss the finer points of packing for a year. I didn’t think it was possible, but it made me even more excited for our journey.

Thanks to everyone for coming to celebrate with us. And extra special thanks to my dad, Tom Madden, who worked tirelessly with us for three days getting our house and yard ready for the party and to leave the country. We definitely couldn’t have done it without him!

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One thought on “Bon Voyage

  1. Tom Madden

    When one has such special children, who are so easy to work with, there really isn’t any “work” involved. Have a wonderful trip. Dad


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